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Give peas a chance to tell your story.
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Storytelling. Content. Social. PR. When it comes to marketing, they’re not separate — they’re peas in a pod. And yet, sometimes it can be tough to see the connections between these key marketing and communications elements, because the hardest thing is often starting these things in the first place.

What is my business story, anyway? And would that story make a great PR pitch? How do I “do” social? What kind of content does my business need — and how do I find someone that can immerse themselves in my business long enough to bring that content to life? My clients have asked me all of these questions — and more. I gotta admit — them asking me is my favorite part, because I love nothing more than digging in, finding the answers, and then getting their story out into the world.



Peapod focuses primarily on brand storytelling and messaging, content strategy and development, social media, and public relations. Why? Because you can’t create a customer until they know who you are.

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My Work

I’ve held marketing communications-focused positions at companies with niches all over the board (education technology, B2B manufacturing, non-profits, food and beverage). My freelance work is full of that same variety, and that’s by design.

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About Mel

I was wired for telling stories from an early age — and I knew I wanted to be a writer ever since I wrote a book about a hyena that had lost its laugh for a third-grade assignment. After I read it to my class — and saw their expressions — I was hooked.

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