What I Do

Here’s how I can help you.


Long before the logo, fonts, and colors is the story of your brand or organization. Why do you do what you do? Why should potential customers care? What can you offer them that’s different from your competition?

Building a brand — or sharpening a current brand — is a multi-step process. After all, you’re trying to balance, oh-so-delicately, that mix of emotion, aspiration, being relatable, and taking into consideration how you’re already viewed by current customers. This process includes things like:

  • Key terms & messages: what do you want to “own” and be known for in the marketplace?

  • Proof points: what’s the data, testimonials, or client reviews behind what you deliver?

  • Persona creation: who’s your ideal customer? Or, if you’re reshaping your brand, who would you like your ideal customer to be?

  • Brand attributes & tone of voice: how do you want your brand to sound? How can that feeling come to life through your content?

  • Brand pillars or truths: what statements can your brand make that can drive everything that you do — from product development to sales to marketing to customer service?

Once you have all of these pieces in place, you’ll be able to develop overarching brand messaging (like your company’s “About Us” page and additional website copy) as well as create messaging for specific audience personas. Which leads me to the next part I can help with…


After you establish the backbone of your brand and get your story down on paper, you’ll be surprised at how well it sets you up for other pieces of your marketing strategy — specifically developing content.

Maybe you’re a business who simply needs an extra pair of hands to write some great blogs, customer success stories/case studies, an email series, or a script for your newest video. Or, maybe you’re looking for someone that can do the heavy lifting for a content marketing strategy and editorial calendar planning and making sure your brand is focused on showing up at the right time with the right content for your audience. I’ve got your back in both scenarios.


When it comes to marketing, my motto has always been “don’t build a house on real estate you don’t own.” However, I think we can all agree that social media, for all of its challenges, is a rental property that deserves some attention. I’m able to play a number of roles here as well — whether it’s consulting work for paid and organic strategies, if you need someone to “take it over”, or if you simply need a second pair of hands to ensure you’re creating and posting content on social that’s consistent and on brand.


Contrary to popular belief, PR is not shorthand for “press releases.” The Public Relations Society of America describes “public relations” as “a strategic communication process that builds mutual beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” So, who are your publics? Well, anyone who might be listening — the media, yes — but also customers, prospects, those in your business community, and your potential partners.

Maybe you’re in need of a combination of earned, owned, and paid media strategies that will reach your audiences in the publications, blogs, and podcasts they interact with on a daily basis. Or, perhaps your company wants to embark on a corporate social responsibility campaign and you want some consulting help. Or, you’re looking for help bringing your PR function in-house, and need some guidance. I’m your gal for all three of those scenarios, and many more.


I’m a firm believer of “you can do anything — but not everything.” I’m most excited when I get to help brands tell their story — and get that story out into the world. I’m also a firm believer that it’s important to surround yourself with good people — personally and professionally. I collaborate on the regular with a bunch of great graphic designers, video content producers, and more. If I can’t help you, I want to give you the same of someone who can.

  • Ratkaj Designs: If you have the need for a branding/content/social team, I will often bring my good friend Rochelle into the fold. She does great work, she’s incredibly efficient, and she just gets visual branding better than anyone I’ve ever met.

  • StoryFirst Media: These guys (Dave & Michael Neelsen) are the real deal. When it comes to video and film, I’ve never seen a small agency that’s able to tell a brand or organization’s story more effortlessly and so spot-on.

  • Foxwell Digital: Andrew & Gracie Foxwell are an awesome husband-and-wife team who also are absolute geniuses at Facebook and Instagram advertising. I admit — I know a bit about social media advertising, but these two blow me out of the water by approximately 1,000%.